The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
Retiring President, Gordon Cartwight, handed over to the President for 2018, Tom Hedges
Presentations to Gordon Cartwright for his custodianship of the club in 2017 Mick Adams for his work as secretary & Michael Clarke for his work as treasurer
Presentations were also made to Committee members M Webb, T Crowther, T Ainsworth & T Hedges
Kate Hedges   Tales of an Estate Agent After   a   period   of   15   years   in   the   trade   Kate set   up   a   local   agency   Lovelle   Estate Agents ”. Estate   agents   have   five   categories   –   location, economic   forces,   condition   of   property,   size and   design.      All   of   these   categories   have   a direct    impact    on    the    market    value    of    each property.        Location     could    be    influenced    by noisy   neighbours,   schools,   shops,   wind   farms and    sometimes    redevelopment    of    the    area might    be    an    unknown    factor.        Economic factors   are   price,   demand   and   interest   rates.     Conditions ;   kerb   appeal,   general   tidiness   of garden   and   bad   décor   can   have   adverse   affects.      Size   and   design   –   larger   properties   are   usually more   expensive   but   an   over   developed   property   in   the   wrong   location   will   not   realise   its   full   potential financially. Kate then challenged all the members to take part in a valuation game, “Higher or Lower?”. A   description   of   each   property   was   given   as   used   in   an   estate   agent’s   advert.      With   the   help   of   a photograph   and   location   members   had   to   pick   which   property   was   higher   in   value   or   lower   than   the previous one.  Those with correct valuations were given a small prize.   This was a light hearted look at a very complex matter that affects us all at some point in time!                                             President Tom Hedges gave his daughter a vote of thanks