The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2017 The retiring President made several presentations Past President Tony Hogg retired from The Committee
Secretary, Roger Dewey retired from his post but remains on The Committee
Thank you to Michael Clarke, Treasurer,  and Almoner, Tom Hedges
Retiring President, John Boreham, hands over to President, Gordon Cartwright,
and receives his Past President’s Badge
Senior Vice President, Tom Hedges
Gordon   Cartwright   introduced    John   Boreham    who,   with   his   old   record   player   and   a   few   vinyl records,   gave   us   an   insight   into   his   life   during   the   1960s .       He   started   off      playing   “Telstar”   by the Tornadoes   and   his   very   personal   talk   by   saying   he   originally   came   from   Gedling   in   Nottingham   and took   us   back   to   the   living   conditions   of   the   time.   He   attended   Gedling   Primary   School   and   brought back   memories   to   many   of   us   by   his   description   of   school   dinners   as   soggy   semolina   and   puddings!     He   described   playing   snobs   and   jinks   in   the   playground   and   then   went   on   to   when   he   did   his   mother’s shopping,   trying   to   remember   the   Co-op   divi   number;   shopping   at   Fine   Fare   and   getting   green   shield stamps.    Winter   of   1963   was   a   very   hard   winter   with   20’   snow   drifts.      He      played   the   Beatles   and   “I   Feel   Fine” and   touched   on   the   radio   programmes   of   the   time   with   the   light   programme   and   Pick   of   the   Pops   with Alan   Freeman.      1964   came   with   Top   of   the   Pops   and   Dusty   Springfield   “I   Only   Want   To   Be   With   You”; Radio   Luxemburg   and   Radio   Caroline   and   the   birth   of   Radio   1   in   1967   with   the   playing   of   “Flowers   in the   Rain”   by   The   Move.      TV   was   next   with   a   mention   of   Rawhide   and   The   Virginian   (popular   cowboys) and   to   Z   Cars.      1969   was   recalled   with   a   crowd   of   people   looking   into   Pearson’s   shop   window   in Nottingham      looking   at   colour   television   on   BBC2   for   the   first   time.   He   described   the   films   of   the   time, The   Magnificient   Seven,   Born   Free,   Dr   Zhivago   and   played   the   theme   tune   to   Dr   Zhivago.      Then   he played “A Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procul Harem.  He   finished   off   with   how   things   had   progressed   between   1961   (Yuri   Gargarin   –   first   man   in   space)   to 1969   (the   first   moon   landing)    and   Peter   Starstead   singing   “Where   Did   You   Go   To   My   Lovely?”   as   he passed away earlier in the week.
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