The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
Visit to International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln Thirty   seven   members   and   guests of   Skegness   Men’s   Probus   enjoyed a    very    informative    day    out    at    the International      Bomber      Command Centre on 4th September, 2018. International      Bomber      Command Centre        is    a    world    class    facility created    to    serve    as    a    point    of recognition,       remembrance       and reconciliation   for   all   those   men   and   women   who   served   under   Bomber Command. We   were   met   by   our   tour   guide   who   was   to   show   us   around   the   Peace Gardens,   Spire   (102   feet   high   -   the   wing   span   of   a   Lancaster)   and   Walls   of   Names.      The   guide was   extremely   knowledgeable   about   the   history   and   pointed   out   that   behind   every   name   on   the extensive   series   of   walls   surrounding   the   Spire   there   was   a story   to   be   found   and   an   in   depth   database   has   been   created for   anyone   wishing   to   trace   a   name.      Very   many   people   who visit   this   site   are   looking   for   the   name   of   a   friend   or   relative   and to   read   so   many,   many   names   was   a   very   moving   experience (57,861   men   and   women   gave   their   lives   in   all   aspects   of Bomber Command).   The   grounds   are   laid   out   very   sympathetically   to   reflect   the unity   of   the   Commonwealth   countries   in   their   contribution   to Bomber Command at a time of need and the great sacrifice they all made. The   efforts   of   Tony   Worth,   whose   dream   was   to   create   this   memorial   in   Lincolnshire,   which   was the   heart   of   Bomber   Command,   took   considerable   time   and   determination   from   various   groups and   funding   was   obtained   through   private   donations,      The   Heritage   Lottery   Fund   and   LIBOR. Sadly   Tony   never   saw   the   fruits   of   his   labour   as   he   passed   away   a   short   time   before   the   opening in early 2018. To   get   the   full   impact   of   this   centre   you   really   need   to   spend   a   day   there   and   also   experience   the interactive exhibition and museum area. The   tour   itself   was   free   of   charge   but   there   is   a   small   charge   for   entry   to   the   exhibition   which   is well worth while as it goes towards the upkeep of this unique facility.