The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
On   Wednesday   6th   June ,   a   party   of   23   Probus   members,   wives   and   friends   gathered   at   12.00pm,   in the   brand   new   and   very   plush,   Visitors   Centre,   Gibraltar   Point   Nature   Reserve .   We   were   treated   to   a sumptuous   buffet   lunch,   no   one   could   complain   about   the   quality   and   quantity   of   the   food   on   offer.   We all left with very full stomachs and big smiles on our faces. At   about   1.00pm   we   were   joined   by   our   guide   Kevin   Wilson,   who   had   talked   to   our   members   a   few weeks   before   our   visit.   He   led   an   hour   and   a   half   walk   round   the   reserve.   He   stopped   at   various points,    to    study    notable    features,    creatures,    flora    and    fauna.    His    knowledge    amazed    everyone, whatever   you   asked,   he   always   new   the   answer.   I   wonder   whether   our   politicians   should   take   lessons from   him.   he   did   not   once   duck   the   question   and   could   say   the   words   yes   and   no   and   give   the   reason for   his   answer.   As   far   as   I   know   everyone   thoroughly   enjoyed   the   visit.   Mr   and   Mrs   Hedges   certainly gave it a big thumbs up! Tom Hedges, President, Skegness Mens Probus Club