The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
Seventy   members   &   guest   attended   the   coffee   morning   at   the   Vine   Hotel.   The   entertainment   was provided   by   the   Orpheus   Male   Voice   Choir   (from   Grimsby   &   Cleethorpes)   who   gave   a   fantastic performance   to   a   captivated   audience   while   singing   a   selection   of   popular   songs   from   the   sixties   and seventies, including some hilarious poems. Members & guest then enjoyed an excellent bar-meal lunch. Tony Crowther gave the vote of thanks to the Choir. The President John Boreham thanked all those attending and the Vine Hotel for their attentive service. The raffle raised £149 
4 th  May 2016  – Coffee Morning with Entertainment
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