The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
8 th  June Terry Boulton   “Wonderful Land” Hank Marvin & The Shadows Terry    Boulton    took    members    back    in    time    to    the    60s    &    70s    with    a fascinating   talk   on      Hank   Marvin   &   The   Shadows,   outlining   how   they   got started   in   the   music   industry   and   quickly   became   famous   with   their   unique style   of   popular   music.   Like   many   bands   their   big   break   came   when   they were   spotted   performing   at   the   Two   Eyes   Club   in London    and    teamed    up    with    another    young performer    called    Cliff    Richards,    the    rest    is history.    Terry    proved    what    an    accomplished musician    and    guitarist    he    is    as    he    performed some   of   Hank   Marvin’s   greatest   hits   including   Wonderful   Land, Apache and Don’t Cry for me Argentina on his own hand made electric guitar. David Riggs gave the vote of thanks 
22ndJune Ted Gascoyne: Working with the Disabled at Derby County FC Having   been   retired   surprisingly   early   from   his   career   in   banking,   Ted   sought   out   a   new   career. Answering   an   advert   for   a   24/7   factotum   at   Derby   Football   Club,   he   began   what   has   proved   to   be   a varied, rewarding, second employment. His   job   was   to   provide   links   between The   Baseball   Ground,   soon   to   become   redundant,   and   the   New Pride   Park   Stadium.   One   of   his   many   tasks   was   to   oversee   the   introduction   of   disabled   facilities   at the   new   venue.   He   was   able   to   engender   real   interest in    this    side    of    his    commission,    finalising    in    a    radio appeal   for   disabled   supporters   to   come   and   have   a look   at   the   new   ground.   This   resulted   in   the   ground being    swamped    by    enthusiasts    and    the    number    of planned    disabled    facilities    having    to    be    increased almost tenfold. Ted   praised   those   players   who   were   always   ready   to give    up    their    time    to    help    him    in    his    work    and recounted    many    heart-warming    examples    of    their generosity.    Finally,    his    success    at    Derby    led    to    his becoming   part   of   the   FA   scheme   to   audit   all   League grounds    for    conformity    with    the    current    legislation regarding access and discrimination. He   was   rightly   enthusiastic   about   his   work   and   the   banking   world’s   loss   was   obviously   Derby County’s disabled supporters’ real gain. The President, a long-time friend of Ted’s, gave the vote of thanks.
13 th  July 2016                                                                                                                                         Steve Lovell The Natural History of Trinidad and Tobago Steve   Lovell   was   making   a   return   visit   speaking   on his   holiday   of   a   lifetime   with   his   wife   to   Trinidad   & Tobago.    The    introduction    to    his    talk    was    a    short recording   of   Caribbean   steel   and   some   magnificent slides   of   the   surrounding   ocean   that   took   on   many shades   of   turquoise   and   hues   of   blue.   The   beaches he said definitely resembled paradise. Trinidad   and   Tobago   is   located   seven   miles   from   the coast   of   Venezuela   and   boasts   some   of   the   richest natural   communities   of   plants   and   animals   in   all   of the Caribbean . They   were   escorted   by   a   local   guide   to   The   Main   Ridge   Rainforest   that   is   home   to   various   endemic species    of    flora    and    fauna    and    a    protected    recreational    spot    by    UNESCO.     The    islands    have approximately   180   different   mammals   living   in   these   forests   and   swamps   including   poisonous   snakes. Steve`s   magnificent   slides   showed   some   of   the   450   typical   birds,   m any   unique   and   rare   to   the   islands including   various   hummingbirds   and   the   Scarlet   Ibis   the   islands   national   bird.   It’s   also   home   to   more than   620   species   of   butterflies,   bright   green   iguanas   and   lizards   including   the   giant   leatherback   turtles. Photographs   of   the   Royal   Botanical   Gardens   in   the   outskirts   of   Port   of   Spain   rounded   off   an   excellent talk.     John Boreham gave the vote of thanks. 27 th  July 2016 Eric Newton   Land`s    End    to    John    O`Groats    by Bus Eric    Newton    reminded    members    it    was    Gordon Brown   who   introduced   bus   passes   for   pensioners in   2007.   Eric   on   his   retirement   and   looking   for   a challenge    decided    to    use        his    free    bus    pass    to travel   from   Lands’   End   to   John   O`Groats   by   bus taking   his   faithful   dog Archie   along   for   the   ride. After months   of   planning   Eric   travelled   from   Lincoln   to   Cornwall   in   2008   by   train   to   catch   the   first   of   many buses.   He   tried   to   include   as   many   historic   monuments,   castles   and   cities   as   possible   along   the   way as   was   seen   during   his   slide   presentation.   The   shortest   road   journey   by   car   is   874miles   but   using   his free bus pass the journey was 1230miles and took him 13 days. Eric has written a book entitled “Lands’ End to John O`Groats with a Bus Pass and a Dog”. John Boreham gave the vote of thanks.
10 th  August Horace Liberty The Life & Works of John Betjeman Horace Liberty,making a return visit, spoke on The Life & Works of John Betjeman. John   Betjeman   was   born   in   London   in   August   1906.   His parents    had    a    family    firm    manufacturing    ornamental household   gadgets   of   distinction.   He   attended   Highgate School,   going   on   to   Magdalen   College   Oxford   studying English    Languages    &    Literature    but    left    without    a degree.    During    his    time    at    Oxford    he    met    a    lot    of influential     people     that     stood     him     in     good     stead throughout his life. In   1933   he   married   the   Hon   Penelope   Chetwode.   They had    two    children.    He    became    a    journalist    and    also worked for Shell, helping to write The Shell Guides. He   published   his   first   book   of   poems   in   1933   and   by 1948   had   published   more   than   a   dozen   books.   As   well   as   being   an   English   Poet   Laureate,   writer   and broadcaster   his   other   love   was   ecclesiastical   architecture   and   in   particular   Lincolnshire   Churches.   He died   in   May   1984   aged   77   and   was   buried   at   Trebetherick,   Cornwall.   His   funeral   was   attended   by   his wife   Penelope,   his   two   children   and   Lady   Elizabeth   Cavendish   with   whom   he   had   developed   a   lifelong friendship. John Boreham gave the vote of thanks
24 th  August Dawn Heywood Landscape Painters of Lincolnshire Dawn   Heywood   is   curator   at   The   Collection   and   The   Usher   Gallery in    Lincoln    and    proved    to    be    a    very    interesting,    knowledgeable speaker on the Landscape Painters of Lincolnshire. Many   of   the   excellent   slides   shown   were   of   engravings,   sketches and   paintings   on   display   within   the   gallery   showing   both   urban   and rural   scenes   throughout   the   county   and   a   historic   record   of   our   past. Dawn   explained   how   artists   were   commissioned   to   quickly   sketch scenes   before   returning   to   their   studios   to   complete   the   paintings. Artist   like   William   Logsdail   painted   every   intricate   detail   of   people and   buildings,   others,   such   as   Herbert   Rollett,   painted   soft,   pastel scenes of rural Lincolnshire. Dawn   referred   to   a   number   of   artists   of   whom   Peter   de   Wint   was one   of   the   most   prolific   with   over   1800   painting,   both   in   watercolour and   oils. Among   the   many   artists   Dawn   referred   to   perhaps   the   most famous   was   JMW   Turner ,   referring   to   his   painting   of   the   Cathedral   from   the   Brayford .   Another   was LS   Lowry   who   was   not   a   Lincolnshire   man   but   was   commissioned   to   paint   the   Urban   Industrial Scene with the Cathedral in the background. John Boreham gave the vote of thanks, appreciating her incredible knowledge on the subject.       
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