The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
February 10 th  2016 David Stennett: Air Marshall, Secret Agents & UFOs David    first    became    interested    in    aircraft when   he   was   a   school   boy   and   spent   his spare   time   doing   menial   jobs   at   Skegness Airfield    (known    as    Butlins    Airfield)    before taking   up   fulltime   employment   at   the   airfield in    1962,    progressing    through    to    become manager before leaving in 1989. He   gave   members   a   brief   history   of   other airfields   around   Skegness   and   the   types   of aircraft   and   personnel   that   flew   from   them. In   its   heyday   Skegness   Airfield   was   a   busy airfield   for   both   business   and   pleasure   use, it   was   also   used   by   the   ATC   where   pupils could    achieve    their    Flying    Scholarships.    Because    of    changes    in    aircraft    design    and    flying regulations the airfield ceased operating in 1993. The airfield is now mainly a caravan site.
February 24 th  2016 Graeme Thompson  A School in Ghana Graeme   explained   that   before   retiring   he   had   worked in   Africa   and   saw   the   desperate   plight   of   the   people living in the outlying villages and wanted to help. He   showed   photographs   of   a   very   happy   Zambian girl   named   Juliet   who   had   lost   both   arms   when   a crocodile    attacked    her.    He    had    helped    to    raise £15,000   to   get   her   treated   in   England   and   fitted   with prosthetic arms. Through   his   work   with   the   Methodist   Church   and   a village   school   in   Ghana   he   has   raised   enough   funds to   purchase   materials   to   provide   clean   water,   toilet facilities,   and   improvements   to   the   school   buildings including new desks for the local children.         
February 9 th  2016 Alan Stennett  – 51 Years at the BBC Alan    Stennett,    the    well    known    broadcaster    and writer,     gave     a     talk     on     his     life     and     52     years association with the BBC. Alan   comes   from   a   Lincolnshire   Farming   background and,   from   college   in   London,   joined   the   BBC   as   a technical    assistant    and    gradually    found    himself    in radio broadcasting particularly on farming matters. Alan   also   told   us   of   his   world   wide   travels   and   in recent years of writing and publishing books and making DVD’s for Lincolnshire Film Archive. A most informative meeting enjoyed by all. The vote of thanks was given by Tony Hogg.
March 23 rd  2016 John Hayes Batty about Belfries John    Hayes    was    making    a    return    visit    to Skegness   Men’s   Probus   and   again   gave   an interesting   talk   on   belfries   &   bell   ringing.   John said   bells   are   all   around   us   from   door   bells   to ship   bells   and   even   to   knock   seven   bells   out   of something. He   began   to   learn   the   art   of   bell   ringing   from The   Tower   Captain   in   1996   at   his   local   Church in   Mansfield,   it   has   six   bells   with   the   treble   bell being   the   lightest   at   6cwt   and   the   tenor   bell being   the   heaviest   at   17cwt,   with   changes   or speed   to   the   peal   over   a   three   hour   period   reaching   5,000.   John   has   rung   bells   at   lots   of Church services in the area including weddings, funerals and as a means of celebrations. He   outlined   the   history   of   bell   ringing,   the   dangers   of   heavy   bells   swinging   in   a   Church   tower including   the   concentration   and   stamina   required   to   pull   and   release   the   ropes   in   the   correct order. Tom Hedges gave the vote of thanks.     
April 27 th  2016        June Barton – Hamlets in the Fens June   is   known   as   the   Queen   of   the   salt   marshes   having spent   just   short   of   65   years   exploring   its   creeks,   watching birds   and   enjoying   the   charm   of   the   marsh   areas   in   and around   Boston.   June   said   that   she   was   happiest   on   the marsh,   pursuing   the   lifestyle   she   has   always   known.   She admitted   she   didn’t   like   change   and   was   disappointed   to   see the    decline    of    the    village    or    hamlet    way    of    life    and    the change    of    its    buildings;    a    time    past    when    Churches, Chapels,   Pubs   and   Schools   were   the   backbone   of   village life,   men   were   the   bread   winners   and   went   to   the   pub   in   the evening    while    the    women    looked    after    the    home,    the children and worked in the fields. June   has   appeared   on   television   and   had   regular   radio   slots, now   living   near   Fosdyke   Marsh   having   written   two   books,   Queen   of   the   Salt   marshes   and Living the Dream. John Boreham gave the vote of thanks.
11 th  May 2016 Paul Money The Wonders of the Solar System Paul   Money   gave   an   enthusiastic   and   fascinating   talk   with the   aid   of   some   breathtaking   slides   on   The   Wonders   of   the Solar   System.   He   started   by   explaining   the   powerhouse   of them   all,   the   sun   being   109   times   larger   than   earth   and   that all   the   planets   that   surround   our   earth   are   made   of   rock,   but here   the   similarity   ends.   Some   have   a   beating   geological hearts, other are frozen in time. Paul   explained   the   physics   that   created   the   shape   of   the solar   system,   the   magnificent   rings   of   Saturn   and   its   moon Titan   surrounded   by   a   murky   thick   atmosphere.      He   spoke of   pattern   of   ice   on   Jupiter’s   moon   Europa   which   reveals   an   ocean   far   below   with   more   potentially   life- giving   water   than   all   the   oceans   on   Earth.   He   spoke   of   Mars   (The   Red   Planet)   with   its   craters   2700 miles   long   and   67   mile   wide.      Paul   knowledge   of   the   Solar   System   is   amazing   as   he   spoke   of   the planets surrounding us and the millions beyond earth.    David Stennett gave the vote of thanks.
25 th  May 2016 Leonard Priestly  Lorry Driving & Furniture Removal Leonard   Priestly   started   out   in   life   by   working   with   his parents   who   operated   two   mobile   grocery   vans   in   the villages   around   Wisbech.   He   quickly   realised   that   this wasn’t   the   life   for   him   as   he   always   wanted   to   be   a lorry   driver.   This   dream   came   true   when   he   purchased his first small lorry in 1971. As    the    business    grew    additional    and    bigger    lorries were    purchased,    delivering    and    collecting    anything that   wanted   moving   anywhere   in   the   country,   before specialising   in   furniture   removal.   He   retold   several   true stories   of   life   on   the   road   moving   furniture   including some of the more humorous customers he worked for. Leonard   sold   the   business   in   2003   but   still   keeps   his   hand   in   by   operating   a   luxury   sixteen   seat   mini- coach. Tony Hogg gave the vote of thanks.
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