The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
Speakers June to September 13th June Ian Maber Only In India This   presentation   was   given   through   an   animated   slide   show   and   film.      Members enjoyed   the   easy   style   of   presentation   and   the   humorous   pictures   -   many   showing how   translation   into   English   can   be   “misinterpreted”   in   very   many   different   ways   -   as we went on the journey.   It   also   served   to   add   to   or   reinforce   stories   that   members   have   heard   about   the huge    continent    and    its    ways.        We    were    all    thankful    that    our    summer temperatures   never   reach   over   50   degrees   C   and   that   we   can   safely   travel   on most   of   our   roads   and   railways   -   not   having   to   avoid   cows   as   they   do   in   India as, being sacred, ‘Cows Rule!’ We   were   not   only   given   an   insight   into Ian’s   time   and   work   in   India   but   he   also made us laugh. Tom Hedges gave the vote of thanks. 27th June Founder’s Day Coffee Morning The  Founder’s Day  Coffee morning was held at the Vine Hotel, Skegness. This was attended by approximately 44 members and guests and it commenced with a short service followed by coffee. All were entertained by Doreen Reed with her homespun observational, thought-provoking, amusing tales of everyday life. Some are nostalgic, some have a twist and most  will make you chuckle. A raffle was held and raised £131.00. Some of the members stayed for lunch afterwards. 11th July Richard Gibbons: The Cuban Missile Crisis The    Cuban    Missile    Crisis    of    October    1962    was    a    direct    and    dangerous confrontation   between   the   United   States   and   the   Soviet   Union   during   the   cold war and the moment when the two super powers came closest to conflict. After   the   failed   US   attempt   to   overthrow   the   Castro   regime   in   Cuba   with   the Bay   of   Pigs   invasion   Soviet   Premier,   Nikita   Khrushchev,   reached   a   secret agreement   with   Cuban   Premier,   Fidel   Castro,   to   place   soviet   nuclear   missiles in Cuba to deter any future invasion attempt. US   intelligence   discovered   evidence   of   a   Soviet   arms   build-up   on   Cuba   but   what   they   didn’t know   was   that   the   Russians   had   already   installed   battlefield   nuclear   weapons   and   submarines armed    with    nuclear    weapons.    President    Kennedy    was    being    urged    by    the    Hawks    in    his government   to   make   a   pre-emptive   strike   on   the missile    sites    being    constructed    followed    by    an invasion    of    Cuba    but    he    advocated    caution    and withheld authority. On   Friday   26th   October   Khrushchev   sent   a   letter   to Kennedy    asking    for    reassurance    that    the    USA would   not   invade   Cuba.   He   demanded   that   the   USA and   its   allies   remove   Jupiter   missiles   from   Turkey. The   Americans   were   already   considering   this   as they   were   deemed   obsolete   so   they   agreed   and   a gradual lifting of the blockade ensued. The   crisis   lasted   for   3   months   in   total   but   it   was   not   until   1990/91   that   the   full   story   regarding the battlefield nuclear weapons emerged.                                                                            Tom Hedges gave a vote of thanks 25th July John Childs  Round Britain by Steam Train Having   given   a   brief   history   of   his   family   connection   to   the   railways,   John showed   pictures   of   Northampton   railway   station   (which   no   longer   exists)   where he   worked   in   the   civil   engineering   department   before   he   moved,   as   a   clerk,   to Euston   station   in   London.   In   1968   he   joined   the   supply   management   training   scheme   and spent 6 months at the Doncaster works. In   2012   he   organised   a   trip   with   his   wife   travelling   with   the   Great   British Touring   Company   who organise   trips   round   the   UK   via   steam   train.      He   mentioned   a   lot   of   different   steam   engines   that pulled   the   carriages.   He   met   and   made   friends   with   many   like-minded   people.      They   enjoyed   it so   much   they   decided   to   do   it   again   in   2014   -   this time taking in Scotland. He    showed    further    slides    of    the    few    remaining signal   boxes   that   are   now   due   to   be   phased   out as     digital     signalling     for     all     trains     is     to     be introduced. His   talk   was   enjoyed   by   the   members,   some   who had   memories   of   the   steam   trains   that   serviced Skegness    and    bought    many    holidaymakers    to Butlins.                                                                            Tom Hedges gave a vote of thanks August 8th Matt Warman MP; “His work in the Commons” Matt   was   elected   in   May   2015.   He   gave   a   brief   account   of   some   of   the   important   issues   facing this   government.   In   reality,   people   think   that   Brexit   dominates   all   debates   but,   as   far   as   he   is concerned   it   is   things   like   the   NHS   and   local   problems/issues   that are   to   the   forefront.   He   believes   that   Skegness   and   Boston   fare better     than     many     other     comparative     seaside     resorts.     The referendum   was   very   much   at   the   top   of   his   agenda   as   UKIP   was very   strong   in   this   area   and   were   forecast   to   take   the   seat.   He   was surprised   by   how   much   the   local   people   knew   about   the   long   term issues regarding leaving the EU. There   has   been   a   huge   period   of   change   with   the   breakup   of   the coalition     and     the     referendum.     Since     the     last     election     the government   have   been   working   with   a   very   small   majority.   In   his   position   as   an   MP   it   gives   him privileges   to   help   the   local   constituents   on   many   different   levels.   His   current   position   is   as   a parliamentary   private   secretary   looking   into   who   will   be   most   affected   in   Northern   Ireland   and its   borders   with   the   south.   One   of   the   biggest   problems   facing   this   is   that   Northern   Ireland does   not   have   a   parliament   of   its   own.   His   views   on   Brexit   is   that   politicians   on   all   sides   must take a pragmatic approach as on 29th March 2019 WE WILL be leaving the EU. The second part of his talk was given over to a lively session of questions and answers.                                                                            Tom Hedges gave a vote of thanks PROBUS SUMMER COFFEE MORNING 29th August, 2018 at The Vine Hotel, Skegness.  Approximately 46 members and guests attended. Entertainment was provided by  by Alan Bolt with a variety of songs, music and stories. Some of the members stayed and took part in an enjoyable lunch afterwards. A raffle was held and raised £113.00.